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The Belfast 89FM Story

Launched in June 2015, Belfast 89FM is a not-for-profit radio station which broadcasts on 89.3MHz FM to the Greater Belfast area and online at www.belfast89.com to the whole world!

The station was established to serve the baby boomers who represent 25% of the population.  This group of people has a wide range of general and particular interests and concerns, including healthy living, social and consumer advice and leisure activities.  

All of these topics and more are regularly discussed on air by our lively and informed presenters, contributors and guests.  The warm, friendly presentation style of Belfast 89FM is punctuated by the very best in music from the 1960’s and 1970’s, from classic rock and pop, through to disco, soul and folk.   

At Belfast 89FM, we place a huge value on the life experience, talents and interests of our listeners, which is why we offer a range of volunteer opportunities to enable you to support the station, develop new skills and make new friends – both on air and off air.  To find out more, visit our Get Involved section.  

Our invaluable volunteers and contributors combine with the more familiar voices of presenters who have graced the airwaves of existing local stations over the years to ensure that Belfast 89FM has a truly genuine, engaging and distinctive sound which our listeners love.


About Us  |  Schedule  |  How to listen  |  Gallery  |  Have your say  |  Videos  |  Contact us
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